Consumer Forum Day 2: Rechanneling the Energy

Forrester Consumer Forum 2007
(Attendees at the second day of the Forrester Consumer Forum tune into MTV’s next media strategy)

[Yesterday, we learned we are not in control, the power has shifted. Now, to let go, relax, and redirect the flow]

Today we focus on re channeling the social media energies, so consumer brands can adapt to the change in tide. After yesterday’s strategic presenters, the forum kicked off with Josh Bernoff’s keynote, which included a martial arts demonstration to use the groundswell and new media world to your advantage. Strategies from MTV, and media professionals, ZeFrank, Pud, Jeremy Allaire, and Henry Jenkins shared their insight. Welcome to the wrap-up of Forrester’s Consumer Forum day 2.

Blog Posts from Day 2:
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  • Awards: Charlene and Josh announce the winner of the Groundswell awards, with screenshots and analysis.
  • Streaming: Luc enjoys what the Critical Mass team has done
  • Groundswell in Action: David is missing his jacket, Jeremiah and Forrester team are doing what they can. Good news, the jacket has been recovered!
  • Hefner: Embrace Social Media or Quit your Job
  • Comprehensive: Is Social Technology Marketing Our Brave New World?
  • Co-Blogging: Steve Ellis notices that Forrester has let friends post on the Forrester Marketing blog
  • Studious: churbuck takes copious notes of Josh Bernoff’s presentation
  • Social Media Dashboard: CriticalMass has a very creative dashboard using all the tools related to their booth downstairs
  • Response: Ze Frank’s response to the Dark Side of Social Media? “Deal with it”
  • (Video) Best Panel? Karl really enjoyed the panel of Pud, Ze Frank, and Jeremy Allaire.
  • Convergence: Henry Jenkins delivers a powerhouse presentation: “Web 2.0 is fandom without the stigma.
  • Coverage: Forrester Forum: Ze Frank kicks Philip Kaplan while Jeremy Allaire watches and Shar VonBoskirk panics
  • Live Streaming: Connie Benson enjoyed the live streaming, in fact, her question was even asked and answered from the chat room.
  • Coverage: John has multiple posts of the conference, many are must read.
  • Highlights: John has a recap of the overall event, and lays out what he learned.
  • Recognized: Dell is pleased to have won a Groundwell award, and rightfully so!
  • Thoughts: Eric, of the Chicago Tribune shares his experience.
  • Tweet Tweet: “All of them” enjoyed our tweeting using Twitter.

  • Messages from the fringes: Great Twitter quotes
    Twitter is a form of consciousness, not sure what it is? I wrote this help doc.

    Deb Schultz: “ok – adults who use the term BFF are just icky”

    Karl Long: Mmm, president of MTV networks at forrester consumer forum confirms “music industry is dying”

    Jeremy Pepper “MTV’s Norman is talking about how they exploit that mentally immature audiences with lack of transparency.

    Chris Thilik: “Carrie and Christine are highlighting blog commentary from Forrester’s Day 1 events. Nice shout-outs to the bloggerati.

    Deb: (In response to ZeFrank, Jeremy Allaire, and Pud’s panel) “interesting to see how the more direct panel style that is norm in tech is SO surprising & refreshing to the suits“, and “social media & suits – social media grows post to follow

    John Federico: The Twitter community starts to unite: “Headcount: who’s at the Forrester Conference? So far I count @jspepper, @debs, @jowyang (obviously) and me. Any other twitterers?

    Francene: “Wasn’t Edelman’s post about his speech a snore? That’s the LEAST of what PR shld do. Stuffy, or so it seemed. But I wasn’t there.” (in response to this post)

    Jeremy Pepper: “Forrester analyst: if I had more professors like that, I would have gone to class more and drunken less. Heh.” (I have no idea who he’s talking about)

    Supplementary Media

  • Twitter: Peter Kim has been posting many nuggets from the forum on the Forrester twitter
  • Forrester’s Event Page on Facebook

  • Live Stream

    Kick off by
    Carrie Johnson, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester
    Christine Overby, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Followed by Josh Bernoff’s keynote (be sure to watch for the action sequence at 8 Minutes 15 seconds)

    Photos from the event

    Picture 906Picture 914Picture 916Twitter, featured on the opening remarksPhotos from Flickr, featured in opening remarksJosh BernoffJosh Bernoff tosses the bloggerThe fallenMTV's Christina NormanIMG_4431IMG_4412David!Picture 975SharPicture 991Jeremy AllairePicture 1001Picture 1003