Consumer Forum Day 1: Let the Revolution Begin

(Above: 500 marketing, product, leaders from around the globe applaud during the opening keynotes)

Update: A wrap up of Consumer Forum Day 2 is now available, be sure to read the twitter quotes

The “Revolution” is happening as customers take to arms using blogs, social networks, mobile devices, and microblogging tools. For the marketers trying to reach consumers, this is a scary, unknown land.

I’m in week two as a Forrester Analyst focused on Social Computing, fortunately, I’m not yet held to the rigors of the seasoned analysts. As a result, much of my day was spent observing and meeting others. I’ll be publishing a report with colleague Peter Kim about our learnings from the event, below is some of the event capture.

Nearly every session and track for consumer marketers and communicators was revolved around social computing, I think, I may have just landed at the right company.

In being open to the conversation, here’s a few ways we could improve, feedback from folks I talked to: It was a tad cold, computer users wanted power supplies more readily available, and the lines for food were a bit too long. Other than that, the overall vibe seemed great.

Here’s a list of those who have blogged the forum:
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  • CEO Blog: Richard Edelman sums up his presentation: “Be it, don’t buy it”.
  • Know who you are: Uwe reports from the Edelman keynote, self-understanding is key.
  • Trust: Jeremy Pepper, a PR professional covers Richard Edelman’s presentation.
  • Try or be dismissed: Gary has a great wrap up of Charlene’s keynote.
  • Adding Value: The great David Dalka learns the POST method for social media strategies.
  • Mistakes: Pepper also covers Kristie Hefner of Playboy’s presentation, and how they learned from mistakes.
  • Revolting: Charlene Li’s presentation about the customers are revolting, coverage by Dr Pepper.
  • Comprehensive: David has great coverage from many of the morning sessions. If he comes up to the front of the room, we have power for the bloggers. (I’ll make a request for power for future events)
  • OTW:Karl Long is headed to the Forum
  • Impressed: Blake of VisibleInsights is impressed with Kristie Hefner’s business acumen
  • Humor: Greg Verdino is amused by David Armano’s tweets “Forrester Conferences are about ROI”
  • Remote: Douglas Pollei wasn’t able to attend, but watched my live stream
  • FloozyStream: Dan of Floozyspeak enjoyed livestreaming in the CriticalMass booth.
  • Voices: There are multiple posts from guest bloggers on the Forrester Marketing Blog
  • Community: Marianne Richmond enjoyed her time, and listed off others who attended.
  • Voice of “God”: Colleague Bruce Temkin provides a succinct summary of key learnings
  • VideoBloggers: We’re glad to have CoBrandit at the event, they’re interviewing a few of the attendees, myself included.
  • Eggs: Hefner’s presentation impacts Julie from Egg Strategy as she ponders how media impacts brand.
  • Guest Blogger: Chris is excited to be annointed as a guest blogger for the Forrester Blog.
  • Revolutionary: David leads the charge from this post summarizing the revolt.

  • Supplementary Social Media

  • Facebook Event Page: Forrester Consumer Forum
  • Forrester Twitter Account: Extremely active updates of “knowledge nuggets”
  • Forrester Ustream Account: Live streaming of Forrester keynotes
  • Flickr Photos: See all public tagged FCF07
  • Flickr Photos: Jeremiah Owyang (Canon SD700 Point and shoot)
  • Flickr Photos: Jeremy Pepper (High Quality DSLR)
  • Flickr Photos: Chris Thilik (Most pictures from mobile camera)
  • Flickr Photos: Peter Kim (Mobile Phone, Nokia N75)

  • Archived live streams
    In case you weren’t able to attend, I’ve recorded the opening presentation and keynote using my small webcam stuffed into a coffee mug (the only tripod around), I was sitting in the front row center, thanks to my colleagues for getting me the power and lan line. The audio wasn’t great, but you’ll be able to get the jist of it. Going forward, I’d like to get more sophisticated with live streaming Forrester events, so give me time, I’m only on week two.

    Setting The Stage
    Carrie Johnson, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester
    Christine Overby, Principal Analyst, Forrester (it stops, and moves to the next video below)

    Your Customers Are Revolting 😉 (Continued)
    Charlene Li, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Photos from the event

    Grand HiltonForrester Leadership Boards EventsJeremiah, Stephanie, Jordon (Carnival Cruise Line)Setting up.Carrie JohnsonMy hi-tech tripodBloggers in the front row (Jeremy Pepper)Karl LongGroundswell award ceremonyDavid ArmanoThe Beta FishTrick shooters were the rage in vendor areaPicture 898Aprox 500 AttendeesPicture 786Richard EdelmanChristine OverbyKristie Hefner of PlayboyOwen MackBloggers in the front row (Jeremy Pepper)