White Paper: 12 Essential Tips for Success in Social Media

I gave Chris Kenton a hard time about having a registration screen to force users to sign up before downloading his kick ass white paper on “12 Essential Tips for Success in Social Media”. He says I ‘schooled’ him, which is certainly not accurate, it was just a ‘pinch’. I agree it’s a great white paper (as he sent to it to me). I suggested Facebook is the new registration page, why? Because people can opt in, and they can choose the information they want to share, and just do it once. To access his whitepaper, go to Facebook, join is group, and then click right on the posted items. There’s 12 points, and you’ll know he’s right off to … Continue readingWhite Paper: 12 Essential Tips for Success in Social Media

Social News Aggregation delivers bottom up news, and all the challenges that comes with it

Social Media Club (find a chapter near you) put on yet another great event in last Thursday’s event at the Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale. The theme, a focus on social or bottom up news, traditional news, and citizen journalism. Each of the respective companies had an opportunity to share their insight, about their products, and a healthy conversation. Presenters included: Karen Brophy, Yahoo! News, Amy Dalton, Topix.com Steve Huffman, Reddit.com, Jay Adelson, Digg.com, Dan Gillmor, Center For Citizen Media. Amy Dalton told me that this list of Silicon Valley events was very helpful for her planning. “Social News Aggregators offer individuals more than a chance to consume news, they also offer an opportunity to participate, weigh in on it, contribute … Continue readingSocial News Aggregation delivers bottom up news, and all the challenges that comes with it

Computers vs Humans: Who will win the Search War?

Colleague Robert Scoble (who doesn’t want to be on Techmeme) suggests that human type systems (like the social graph) will be better at finding and delivering relevant information. It’s suggested that Google is already dead, but doesn’t realize it. MacroSearch engines are too slow to adopt to MicroSearch engines that are looking at small groups of poeple, their network, and how the share information. Watch his video and let me know what you think –I really believe he’s onto something again. (Update: On a related vein, we should also be paying attention to the growing discussion about LifeStreams, a way of aggregating personal information. Done correctly, this could aid the social graph in finally organizing our personal and network data)

Web Strategy: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)

A Web Strategy must balance all three spheres What’s a Web Strategy? It’s the balance between the three spheres for effective long-term planning of a website. This person is a hybrid of a few roles, and may have emerged from any of the following spheres. A Web Strategist is responsible for the long-term planning and decision making of a website, but must balance ALL of the following three spheres: 1) Community (formerly Users) The Web Strategist must understand (by using a variety of techniques and tactics) what users want. This is commonly known as User Experience Research which will create and craft a ‘mental model’. In addition, the strategist will need to be in tune with the community in which … Continue readingWeb Strategy: The Three Spheres of Web Strategy (and the skills required)

Web Strategy Reading: August 26, 2007

Web Strategy Reading for the last week, see other archives by accessing the ‘Reading Sampler” link Amazing technology of Photo ReTargeting Update on the state of the internet radio industry Steve Rubel on the Distributed Web “Think web services, not web sites” Robert Scoble’s Fast Company Article: The Next Email My Micromedia post has been translated to Danish Action Habit: getting things done now Club Penguin, and Social Networks: The kids are online. Whether they are alright remains to be seen TV views continue to decline, where are the eyeballs shifting? Duh. Lastly, but not least, is there hope for the return of the Gillmor Gang? We could only hope so. The value? It’s a look deep inside the tent … Continue readingWeb Strategy Reading: August 26, 2007

Silicon Valley Sightings: Oracle’s Emerald Towers “The DataBase”

(Above: The architecture of the Oracle towers cleverly resemble a “Data Base Stack”) I was in Redwood Shores this last week meeting Singapore’s US Country Director to discuss the web industry in Asia. On the way over, I stopped by their gorgeous headquarters in Redwood Shores to take a few pictures (Map) or check out the 3D streetview. It houses thousands of talented employees, and is known to cause traffic jams on the nearby freeway 101. Yes, the architecture of the company looks like it’s signature product, the Oracle Database, the “stack” is what you will often see in web application or network architecture documents, they look like a series of ‘hockey pucks’ stacked on top of each other, see … Continue readingSilicon Valley Sightings: Oracle’s Emerald Towers “The DataBase”

PodTech’s new Gaming Show: The Reboot by Rio Pesino

Damn Rio, you rock. Rio sits on the other end of the floor from me, but his passion for gaming can be felt from all the way over to my side of the building. He’s launched his new show called “The Reboot” that’s about what’s happening in gaming. PodTech’s stepping up to building better content (we heard you, Andrew of Rocketboom) and here’s hopefully a very great looking show, that has useful information. Which game do I want Rio to cover? Starcraft 2. I’ve been a big fan of real time strategy games (duh, it’s Strategy) but I don’t think my wife will let me buy it. At least if Rio covers the game, I’ll be able to experience it … Continue readingPodTech’s new Gaming Show: The Reboot by Rio Pesino

Does Wal-Mart need a Robert Scoble or a Lionel Menchaca? Neither, says the community

I try to help companies when it comes to the web, in fact the tagline on this blog is “Jeremiah discusses how web tools enable companies to connect with customers” Consider this free advice from myself and the community for Wal-Mart. I hope Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel see this –this comes from the community that knows this space, don’t pass up our free advice. There’s a healthy discussion in my previous post indicating that Wal-Mart’s Facebook campaign is not going that great, at first, I thought it was salvageable, but now I’m realizing from the comments that the damage to the brand is causing this rejection. The Wal-Mart brand appears to be so tainted that the social media programs … Continue readingDoes Wal-Mart need a Robert Scoble or a Lionel Menchaca? Neither, says the community

Attention Hong Kong Web Community!

I’m coming out to Hong Kong for the week of Sept 16th -21st to speak at at the CLSA (CLSA is an award-winning brokerage, investment banking and private equity group in the Asia-Pacific Markets.) conference. Are you a tech, marketing, or web fanatic that blogs? I’m hoping to connect with you, by organizing a blogger dinner, where we can all meet up. I’m interested in learning about you, your web projects, and or companies, and will doing blogging and video sharing with all my friends in Silicon Valley and beyond. I recently went to Singapore, and did the same, and built some great relationships. If you’re a tech blogger and want to help me organize a meetup, please leave a … Continue readingAttention Hong Kong Web Community!

WalMart’s Facebook Strategy Sinking: Analysis and Reccomendations

Previously Walmart built a MySpace clone on the corporate website which was pathetically closed after a mere 10 weeks. Having learned their lesson to consider joining existing communities before building their own they’ve saddled up for more social networking. Today, Wal-Mart’s sponsored group in Facebook is aimed at dorm-bound students who need to pimp out their pads –sadly, after 2 weeks in, there’s little to brag about. Low membership I’m checking up on the group, and have noticed that the group size is very low, in fact only 934 members. The Web Strategy Group that I promote is at 1500 members in just a few weeks longer, and it’s certainly a much smaller ‘brand’ than Wal-Mart. Business Week’s blog notice … Continue readingWalMart’s Facebook Strategy Sinking: Analysis and Reccomendations