Top Discussions in the Web Strategy Community

Community is important, it means the needs and output of the many are greater than the few. One of the hardest things for companies is learning how to kick-starting a community, just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come.

A few weeks ago I kick started the Web Strategy Group in Facebook, it’s an extension to this blog, but the difference is the topics and lead by the community –not some boring top-down blogger.

[Unlike other Facebook groups, the Web Strategy Group has active discussions among those who make decisions for the modern website]

Unlike other dead groups in Facebook, the Web Strategy Group, is filled with conversations, discussions, debates and sharing. It was important to me that it not just be a ‘badge’ or ‘affiliation’ group but a thriving eco-system where people connect ideas, jobs, and maybe new customers. I seeded it with conversations, gave it love, and thanked the top contributors, gracious strategists Tinu and Connie.

Here’s a high level scrape of some of the top discussions within the Web Strategy Group forum (out of 46):

What Do You Do? Where Are You From? Why This Group? (72 posts by 56 people): A standard introductory post, folks are getting to know each other.

What’s your official Title? What makes you a Web Strategist? (23 posts by 21 people): Another prompt at encouraging everyone to say “hi”

Sharing your “Web Strategy” (13 posts): Learning a lot from others as they share how the get programs started.

What do you want from a Facebook strategy event? (13 posts by 8 people): Teresa who’s hosting a conference where I’ll be keynoting on Communities is getting community feedback from the folks who are likely to attend, a savvy tactic.

How do you drive traffic to a branded social networking site? (6 posts by 3 people): In this classic challenge a strategist has been asked to fix a program where a website was built without first finding the community where it exists.

What comes first? determining the priority of your website (13 posts by 8 people): It’s sometimes hard to balance between your business stakeholders, users, and your boss, hear how others get started.

What’s your methodology for understanding User Needs? (17 posts by 13 people): The members share how they learn to understand their communities

If you can add to these conversations, I encourage you to join the group and get involved, you’ll need to join Facebook first.