Forrester Conference: Will answer how Consumers are impacted by Social Media, Chicago, Oct 11-12

I was impressed with a recent Forrester workshop held in SF, so impressed, that I’ve now decided to join the Forrester team.

Forrester is going to host the Consumer Forum in Chicago on Oct 11-12th. I’ll be in training at Cambridge (HQ) for three weeks, but I’ll be flying out to Chicago to attend this conference. Here’s the high level summary:

“Fueled by cheap devices and pervasive access, individuals are increasingly taking cues from one another rather than from institutions — a phenomenon that creates chaos for traditional brands, sellers, and media outlets. Evidence of this new social structure is everywhere; for example, only 53% of consumers in 2006 believed that ads were a good way to learn about new products, down from 78% in 2002. At the same time, consumers are increasingly seeking each other out for information — 31% of online consumers buy or sell products online from and to other consumers, 26% contribute to discussion boards or submit product ratings, and 11% publish their own blogs or personal journals. Broadening avenues of feedback lead consumers to expect participation in product development, innovation, and advertising — witness the success of Wikipedia and Doritos’ user-generated Super Bowl ads”

Speaker lineup:

  • Robert J. Bach President, Entertainment & Devices Division of Microsoft
  • Josh Bernoff, Vice President, Forrester Research
  • Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman
  • Ze Frank, Founder,
  • Gian Fulgoni, Chairman and Co-founder, comScore
  • Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises
  • Henry Jenkins, Co-Director, MIT Comparative Media Studies, MIT
  • Carrie A. Johnson, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
  • Kevin H. Johnson, Digital Organization Leader, Services Division, Acxiom Digital
  • Philip J. Kaplan, Founder and President, Products, AdBrite
  • Charlene Li, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Christina Norman, President, MTV Networks
  • Christine Spivey Overby, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • If you want to discuss or find out who else is going, join the Facebook group, or get updates from the Forrester Twitter account.

    Are you going to Forrester’s Consumer Forum? David Armano and his company Critical Mass are sponsoring. The Minnesota Marketing Association says it’s interesting. Leave a comment if you’re going, I want to meet you there.

    The last time I went to Chicago I took a bunch of great photos, it’s a wonderful city.

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