Comscore, by the numbers for August, 2007: Burger King/Simpsons campaigns rocket

ComScore has released it’s usual monthly roundup of industry data based upon their 2 million user survey. Some of the highlights of the survey are:

Top five web properties
Yahoo, Google, Time Warner, Microsoft Sites, and Fox interactive media. No interesting change there, those are the typical big five.

Top advertisers
The leading Advertising networks are:, ValueClick, Google Ads, Tribal Fusion, and Blue Lithium

Web Campaigns and Seasonal Trends

“The Simpsons Movie drove traffic to the Burger King site, resulting to increase of 4.2 million customers or increase of 774%.

The release of several anticipated films including Transformers and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, traffic to movie ticket sites also propelled the tickets category up 12 percent to 44.9 million visitors for the month.

The month also saw traffic increase to car rental and ground/cruise sites as travel season continued its strong presence in the monthly rankings, while job search sites experienced gains as Americans sought summer jobs and new careers.” (Analysis by 901)

It’s interesting to see how the successful Simpons/Burger King campaign is doing. Rohit has a comprehensive list of how the Simpsons have been marketing themselves online.