The numbers, from Facebook themselves

Good friend and former mentor Shel Israel emailed Facebook’s corporate communications group to get some accurate numbers. About time, as I’ve seen contradictions in stats (and you know I’m obsessive about numbers). Here’s what he uncovered:

* Over 150,000 registrants daily. That’s 1 million a week since January.
* 35 million users today. Of course that number will be off a million one week from today.
* Half user are outside college. That number was zero in Sept. 2006.
* 0ver 40 billion page views in May 2007
* Average visitor stays 20 minutes
* Most growth is among people over age 25.
* 47,000 Facebook groups.
* #1 photo sharing app on the web. 2.7 billion photos on site.
* More than 2000 applications. The Top 10 are: Top Friends, Video, Graffiti, MyQuestions, iLike, FreeGifts, X Me, Superpoke!, Fortune Cookie & Horoscopes. The smallest of these has over 4.5 million users.

Thanks Shel, that’s helpful, now if I could just keep you from “biting” me.