Facebook news page gives away son’s taboo party

(Update: The Photo and Video have been removed by request of the Father, who originally sent it to me)

Just this morning I posted how kids don’t want to add their parents as friends in Facebook, and provided the handy crises management template. How timely.

Here’s the story, my friend added his son in Facebook as a connection, today he saw his son left comments on a photo, and it showed up on the father’s newsfeed. He followed the link to the photos and found out his son had a party at his house (with under age drinking) with many kids, and there were pics to prove. His son had previously told his dad he didn’t have a party, but the Father suspected something was off, and Facebook helped clue it all in.

Here’s the video interview, he chose to remain anonymous, I assure you this is no hoax, and if you know me or have been to some events, you’ll recognize the voice. (and maybe the shoes)

(Update: Video removed by Father’s request: fear of legal action)

While underage partying is nothing new (I was a kid too) the dynamics of social media are astounding. The father never would have known about the party if it wasn’t for Facebook.

For some reason, I feel like tagging this post “citizen journalism”.