Market Trends: Rate of social media adoption for corporations increasing (90%)

Stats, numbers, and reports are so important to planning and budgeting for the corporation. Lewis PR reports that Social Media campaigns are coming, and likely budgets are coming:

“Over 90 per cent of marketing departments are planning to launch a social media campaign in 2008, despite the fact that over a third are yet to use social tools in their organisation.

A survey, conducted by LEWIS PR at PR Week’s New Media Conference, revealed that 75 per cent of attendees are planning to use a blog as a social media asset in 2008 – an increase of 50 per cent on 2007. The number of firms planning to use social networking is tipped to increase from 33 per cent to over 70 per cent.

A quarter of marketers are currently setting no marketing budget aside for new media projects, according to the study. However, by 2009 up to 66 per cent of marketers will set aside up to 25 per cent of their budgets on social media efforts.”

In my webinar last week with the Marketing Profs, we polled the hundreds of marketers that were in the room, if I remember correctly about one third said they were planning for the budgets for next year, a significantly lower number.

What’s the biggest trigger for getting companies to start looking at using social media? Showing them how their customers are connecting with communities in the industry.

Are you a social media or blog evangelist at your company? I was one at my previous company, and have listed out How to be a corporate blog evangelist.