Forrester’s Social Computing Workshop a Valuable Corporate Resource

I had the privilege to be a panelist at Forrester’s Social Computing conference in San Francisco. This exclusive client event was a resource for Forrester’s Fortune 1000 corporations.

The room was savvy, I could tell by the company names and questions asked this wasn’t the usual social media workshop that I’m so used to attending or speaking at.

I was able to attend much of the afternoon session where I observed Charlene give concise, succinct nuggets. For the attendees, it was a value driven one day session. Charlene even gave a ‘Widget Strategy Session’ which is rarely covered at many internet strategy conferences, this was a savvy event.

Our panel was carefully chosen, it wasn’t the usual slam-all-the-same-vendors on one panel, but we were all distinctly different samples from Social Media Measurement, Blogging Software, White Label Social Networking, and Podcast and Event company. We were more of an integrated solution than opposing forces.

Anil Dash, in his usual elegance provide the most intellectual questions, like his writing, he never skips a beat. Todd Parsons gave insightful remarks at a strategic level, and Mike Walsh a practical and successful CEO was able to deliver real-world recommendations. As you can tell, I had a hard time keeping up.

I highly recommend you attend the next Forrester Social Computing workshop they offer, it’s a no-slosh valuable resource for busy corporate folks, if I was in my former role as the Online Community Manager at Hitacih, I’d attend.

Thank you Peter Kim and Charlene Li for the invite.