Satisfaction: A Disruption to the Corporate Website

I had the pleasure of hanging with the Satisfaction team near South Park (nothing to do with the cartoon) in south of mission street district (SOMA) in San Francisco. South Park is notorious for delivering disruptive and amazing technology to the web space.

Satisfaction is a universal support site where you can support any product from any company using the same website (and same user experience). We know this is important as research indicates that prospects trust the opinion of customers more than any other group.

Get Satisfaction is a site that I’m watching closer than most companies. Why? Because they’re disruptive to the corporate website, and you know how I believe that the Corporate Website is Irrelevant. (see link below)

[Tools like Satisfaction are disruptive to the corporate website. Prospects will be able to witness trusted customers interaction with products — all without the interference of Marketers, Analysts, Media, or Press]

There are groups within corporate marketing departments called customer reference programs, (common in enterprise IT companies) and their job is to harvest the positive testimonials –throw out the bad ones—and use them as sales and marketing tools. Read my post on the impacts of Social Media to Customer Reference Programs. I think the old way of marketing customer testimonials is dead.

Why? Because tools like Satisfaction will let a prospect (someone who wants to buy) the opportunity to see how real customers are interfacing with a product, and also watch how companies will support them in these new environments.

What else is going to be less relevant? Consumer reports by analysts. Why? Information is going to gather ‘bottom-up’ and tools will let real customers tell their own stories, rather than wait for a survey or third party analyst. The web revolutionizes information, and thereby power.

Satisfaction isn’t the only company doing this, I’ve started a list, and I know of at least one other that’s going to do this.

[The folks who are leading the “Enterprise 2.0” movement forget that the most influential websites are the ones that don’t even include the Enterprise]

Maybe I’m crazy, but when I buy, I’m going to research what my peers and my trusted network thinks of a product first, and with the web, it makes it very easy to do.

Time to evolve.

How to stay relevant

There’s many PR, Marketing, and corporate folks that read my blog, so here’s a few tips to stay on top of your game. Find out where your customers are self-supporting, join those communities and be part of it. I’m closely watching the Podtech (where I work) area of Satisfaction, and will stay active.

If you run a customer forum (I did for my last company) get ready to expand your scope as the extranet moves off the corporate domain. The savvy community manager will learn to embrace customers supporting other customers, contact me if you need help.

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