Podcast Interview: Social Media Measurement, what is it, new attributes and getting started

I was interviewed by David of High Context Consulting (go here to listen) on the topic of Social Media strategies for corporations and how to measure success. This has been an area of focus of mine, as I had to demonstrate success in my last role at a large company where this program was new and nascent. I had to constantly show success, give numbers and anecdotal evidence why a 100 year old Japanese company should embrace social media.

What you’ll learn from this podcast: What’s happening in the Fortune 1000 arena of social media, understanding the many different attributes such as velocity, sentiment, influence, and the coveted engagement. Here’s that post I mentioned at the end: Web Strategy: How to Measure your Social Media Program. The sound is certainly not pro quality, as I was sitting on a park bench at Stanford using skype on a 3G wireless card, so I’m sure you’ll understand.

I recommend reading Mike Manual’s post, Social Media Measurement Deconstructed. he’s boiled down measurement to three main buckets which make a whole lot of sense. Also, in a few weeks, I’ll be publishing a white paper I co-authored with Matt Toll of Dow Jones on social media measurement, watch for that. View all my posts tagged “Social Media Measurement