At the “Point of Inflection” at Facebook’s Lunch 2.0

Facebook HQ
(Facebook HQ in Downtown Palo Alto (Map), 1 block from the cafeteria where the Lunch 2.0 was held)

Facebook hosted Lunch 2.0 (it was really a Dinner) at their headquarters two nights ago, Scoble called this a ‘point of inflection:

“…last night I was at the Facebook party aka “Lunch 2.0.” I met Mark Zuckerberg and his sister, Randi, and a ton of Facebook employees and executives. It is one of those parties that in about five years we’ll all be looking back on as a major inflection point in the valley. I stayed until the very end. In fact, even after the party ended a small group of us hang outside of Facebook’s offices and kept talking about what is going to happen in social networking.”

Today, there’s a lot of discussion about opena and closed platforms, Plaxo moving into the open platform network business, and now Techcrunch points at Yahoo needs a solution…and fast.

It was crowded, hot, but energy packed, I even met the founder of the Million Dollar homepage. I walked into corporate, and noticed the average age was below 25, I felt old. What’s the greatest part of the Facebook campus? The graffiti art on all the walls (although some was downright scary)

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