Silicon Valley pitches to Interns. The next generation honored at Meebo’s Lunch 2.0

(Left: Meebo may have broke the firecode with this many folks, it was a major blowout!)

Brian Oberkirch and I were amazed at the amount of folks today at Meebo’s Lunch 2.0 event in Mountain View. The line spiraled down the stairs two levels, all for pizza.

You can learn more about Lunch 2.0 at their site, there’s more and more events coming. If you’re a company looking to do a community event, please read my post on ‘how to have a succesful community event’.

Why? It was a day to celebrate interns, read the Meebo blog to learn a bit more. The event? It was a blowout, probably one of the largest ever (yes, maybe larger than the one I hosted) there was barely room to walk. Terry Chay may be able to share how that happened, it’s his fault I hear. Which company had the most interns there? I would guess Google.

Who’s hiring?
I met several people at the lunch that said they are hiring:

Meebo, our gracious hosts are hiring, they mentioned they need front end developers. They said something about the backend is all in “C”, and the front is loaded with javascript. Here’s their job page.

3jam, the reply-all text messaging guys are doing well and are hiring mobile, web and server-side engineers for our next generation of applications — new and better ways for people to communicate with friends. Check out their job posting site.

Terry, one of the founders of Lunch 2.0 said that his profitable social network Tagged is hiring, they need engineers, junior level!

Hiring interns? Leave a comment

If you’re a startup and are wanting to hire interns or folks just hitting the workplace, (just a few years experience) feel free to leave a comment with a LINK to your hiring page. Plesae don’t post job descriptions, as I’ll just delete them!

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