Brand Building: Engaging Your Target Audience with Rich Media and Video

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I’m listening to Brand Building: Engaging Your Target Audience with Rich Media and Video, here at the Frost and Sullivan Sales and Marketing conference in Alexandria Virginia.

The topic? Understanding video for the web as a marketing tool, and measuring success. This is right up my alley as a member of, we’re a video blogging network.

Who’s presenting?
Moderator is Chris of DoubleClick, Kyoo “Q” Kim of, Barbara Cerf of New York Life, Craig Oldham, of Allstate Insurance, and Bladimiar Norman, of Paramount Vantage.

Types of Advertisements:

1) Pre roll
2) In stream
3) Although not mentioned, product placement and sponsorship is another form of brand infusion

Barbara suggested that 30 second pre roll was invasive. One panelist has shifted to 15 second pre roll, which is rare. TV is passive, marketers are looking for a new type of engaging video. 5 second pre-roll ‘impressions’ are emerging, with an in stream ‘bug’ showing “This video brought to you by”. Suggests that constant evolution is at hand. Interactive quizzes are running very well.

Barbara: “It’s a YouTube world, It’s not just generation X and Y”

Is the pre roll ad a logical solution for web video?
Kyoo suggests that the industry reacts too quickly. “Pre-rolls will not go away, but is about content”. Value? He suggests that a 30 second pre-roll is a great value for users of a 15 minute video. He says that Microsoft will move away from Windows media player and move to flash, as Marketers have demanded it.

Check out spotrunner, says Chris, which can create tv ready ads for $500

Bladimiar Norman, “check out flash video” it can supplement online interactions, such as online quizzes. Interactive.

If Barack Obama did a 15 second on TV it’s a larger reach, but running on it’s smaller audience. How is your strategy different? What’s the quality of that impression?

Bladimiar: “I don’t care about reach and frequency, that’s an old attribute that doesn’t apply to new interactive”. He also suggested that his staff needs to gear up and be media creators.

Heard from the audience ”I could buy a TV ad and reach millions, only a handful would become my customer, versus putting the video on a targeted website the rate would go up”

Is video advertising the way of the future? Or is this too nacsent.

Lee Aase:”Are you guys creating any types of ads that anyone wants?”

Lee’s opinion was quickly echoed by another audience member, “It sounds like you’re trying things and throwing it out there”.

Consumer Generated Ads?
Chris from Doubleclick suggests that consumers are king, and they’re experimenting with Webcams for users

Metrics of Success:

  • Chris: Conversions, Closer to the direct response realm, also known as click through rate (CLR). Also looks at ‘interaction rate’
  • Kyoo: Looks for lift in advertising brand and purchase intent, seeks third party validation. here’s the term engagement
  • Barbara: Looked at recruiting process, and measured impacts.
  • Bladimiar: Brand awareness is measured from third parties, and looks at conversion rates.
  • Notes to all from Jeremiah
    In the above, I captured what was said, here’s my additional thoughts:

  • The video blogging industry is adopting sponsorships of shows, we’re doing that at PodTech Network
  • There were a few attributes missing from the ROI metrics: Velocity of Spread, and Qualitative opininions and tone
  • Not all corporate videos have to be “on message” some of the most effective videos are just “human”
  • Don’t rely on all corporations as the media creators, some of the most effective videos about your brand will be created by those who own the brand –the consumers.
  • I’m involved in the discussion of Engagement frequently, here’s a rough definition. To me, it’s a measure of Attention, Interaction = Apparent Interest. Check out all my posts on Social Media Measurement.
  • Update: Lee, who was also at the session has blogged his notes.

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