Your Vote Needed: Should Google sleep with its Relatives?

Google is growing, and folks are concernced it will favor it’s own tools and data over that of others

Dave Winer audaciously claims that Google will prefer and favor it’s own tools and applications than other third-party applications.

Dave Winer puts fear in my heart for a world where Google won’t support feeds from other than it’s recent acquisition, Feedburner:

“It could end up meaning “doesn’t work at all.” It’s quite possible in the second or third iteration that Google drops support for non-Feedburner feeds. It wouldn’t be unprecedented, far from it. Google Blogoscoped created a long list of Google products that “prefer” other Google products. I’ve never seen Google not do this when they had the chance.”

Dave also gives an example of Blogger, which was acquired by Google:

“The instant they bought Blogger they tied it to their toolbar. If they had used an open API the toolbar would have worked with all blogging tools. Google just doesn’t think that way, sorry to say.”

I’ve got my own findings: My previous blog was on blogspot, which I stopped publishing to over a year ago, it’s technorati Authority is 56 compared my current wordpress with 1356. This wordpress blog has 24 times that authority (incoming links) of my Blogspot site.

Yet, when I do a Google search on “Web Strategy” the blogspot URL comes up top.

When I try Yahoo, I get significantly different results, this domain comes up top

[Google is favoring it’s own blogspot domain over my generic domain, although Yahoo does not. This incestuous behavior will likely continue, is it right or wrong?]

The same thing will likely happen for videos published on all networks. Google will start to favor it’s YouTube videos before any other network, I mean why wouldn’t they?

As Google continues to acquire more and more applications, the web becomes somewhat less democratized and those who align with Google products are more likely to succeed.

Dave’s not so audacious as it may first seem, he’s right, this will only continue as Google continues to grow.

Is this Right or Wrong? Should Google favor it’s own applications?

1) Wrong: standards or a governing body should impartially cleanse this, this is a vicious cycle, stop being Gevil.
2) Right: Google is building the best software network the world’s ever seen, the more power to them.
3) Indifferent: Laissez-faire, it’s what happens in free markets, let’s let it happen naturally.
4) Other thoughts: Leave a comment below

Update: Adam from Google has responded in my comments, be sure to read his perspective.