IT Decision makers find Social Media valuable

This is by far the most important report I’ve seen this year for the IT industry.

If you’re trying to prove to your executives at your company that a social media program is important, this will be important data to bring forth.

This recent report from Research IT Toolbox (which I’ve saved and am picking apart on my flight) demonstrates that IT decision makers are using social media to make decisoins.

The full PDF is available for download (PDF)

Key Findings from the report:

1) IT Decision Makers consume more Social Media than Vendor Content
Is it true? the Corporate website is irrelevant? I think so.

IT decision-makers and influencers spend an average of 3 ½ hours per week consuming or participating in social media, more than they do consuming editorial media or vendor content. Executive decision-makers have the highest usage profile among IT audiences. Using our new Social Media Index, which uses Business Manager consumption of social media to calculate a mean score of 100, IT audiences score as follows:
o Executive Decision-Maker: 121
o IT Decision-Maker: 96.5
o Business Manager: 100
o IT Analyst: 121
o Developer: 111

2) Vendor websites are the most referenced? I see a discrepancy in the report, as it suggested that decision makers are using the vendor website to make decisions. In the previous finding one, that’s a clear contradiction.

IT decision-makers and influencers reference vendor Web sites more (and trade magazines and editorial web sites slightly less) than user-generated content for making purchasing decisions, but trust user-generated content more than they do either of these traditional content sources.

3) Although websites are the most references, social media is more trusted

Although IT decision-makers and influencers reference vendor and editorial Web sites more than user-generated content for making purchasing decisions, IT trusts user-generated content morethan they do these traditional content sourcesWhat

4) Most decision makers think that social media is helpful
Social media is helpful in making better decisions. Perhaps it is more objective, or customer opinions matter the most

Nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that social media content and user-generated tools have made for a more informed purchasing decision, and more than three-quarters believe they have made their lives more efficient.

5) Objectivity in social media is the most important
Authentic voices from other customers are the most important

The single most valuable thing about social media for IT decision-makers and influencers is its objective feedback on products and services from multiple sources.

6) Most agree that Social Media makes things more efficient

By a three-to-one margin, IT decision-makers and influencers believe user-generated content and social media tools have made life more efficient.

Thanks to Sam Levin for the link.