All your widgets are belong to Facebook

Facebook = Blackhole, Whirlpool, Vortex.

Facebook is a closed garden with one way doors. Data in, but no data out. With so many companies, startups, ecommerce companies building widgets for this platform did anyone stop to consider that they’re not letting data flow out? Matt Dickman agrees, watch his video. Here’s what we should be concerned about:

1) For example, my non-Facebook friends can’t see what I’m doing, and I’m a public guy. If I link to Facebook, you have to register and sign up, brilliant web acquisition for Facebook.

2) But after I’ve setup my profile, and I would like it to be an open platform, I should have the ability to make my profile public and let folks see the elements I want.

3) What about my network? data? Profile? I want to export those. (Same thing to LinkedIn). The rolodex of today has an important field “friends”. I want to be able to export my network other systems and applications. What say you Marc Canter? Here’s a softball.

4) Last gripe? As far as I know Facebook doesn’t even have RSS

Opportunity for Facebook
Facebook (and whichever network follows suit) has a huge opportunity to not just be an application platform, but to be a true identity system for the entire network. This is why I think that Facebook could kill Open ID. So before we start jumping up and down, giving Facebook all of our data, and building our company widgets in Facebook should we first think about if this is a black hole?

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  • Update: Jason Fields send me this link to ProfileLinker, it says it offers a portable social network address book.