A way to measure influence? See this Social Media Index

In the past, I’ve been a critic of Technorati rank as the only way to measure influence, that’s because certain A-listers have learned how to link bait by saying outrageous semi-truths/lies to get attention.

I like the methodology used by this Social Media Index (one of many that will appear) that uses a variety of rankings from mutiple platforms (not just blogs). While the blog rankings and attributes associated it with it are high, there are other uses, such as one’s LinkedIn network, Twitter network, and how many images are associated with a particular person or brand, and even delicious.

What’s interesting is that there’s a mixture of corporate blogs as well as personal blogs. I’d also note there’s a few other data points that could be added to the measurement: Number of comments per post, stumbleupon (I get a lot of traffic from there) and emerging attention trackers like compete.com.

Fortunately, I made this list, and now I’m linking to it, so it goes.

If you want to learn more, click on the ‘social media measurement’ tag above this post to see all posts. While we’re on the subject of Social Media Measurement, I’ve a white paper coming out that I co-authored with Matt Toll of Factiva Dow Jones, an article for Website magazine, and I’ll be speaking at Jim Sterne’s eMetrics conference in the east coast in Oct regarding new practices and attributes to measure in social media. Stay tuned for details.