Blogger Dinner in Portland this Thursday

I’ll be in Portland later this week at the Internet Strategy Forum. I’ll be interviewing some of the speakers on video, to ask them about the current trends for corporate websites, be sure to tune in.

On Thursday night, we’ll be having a blogger dinner that’s now hosted by Jive Software, and Intel Software Network (via buddy Josh Bancroft) in Portland. If you can make it, I hope to see you there. What’s a sponsored dinner like? This means that the sponsor pays for a lot of the food and drink (in this case all of it) but the focus is still on the community. There are never hard pitches or hard demos, this is about people meeting people. Have you read my post on having a succesful community event? These guys all get it, so don’t feel bashful.

I know quite a few folks who live in Portland, want to know something ironic? They all say they rarely get together, just when folks from the bay area come up and organize events. That’s weak. In the bay area there are at least 5 events related to tech every day.

Please spread the word to any of your Portland friends, this will be a friendly community event.

You can register for the event on Upcoming.