Can you help me install Web 2.0 on my Vista? I bought it at Best Buys

Chris Pirillo is a fraud, although he’s a popular tech speaker and runs a tech conference he’s a fraud because he “can’t get his Web 2.0 to work on his Vista”.

Alright, I’m just kidding, Chris isn’t a fraud, he’s actually very clever. Watch the video above is Chris who got suckered into a tele-sales call. Finally, the third guy he talked to actually knew what he was talking about. Funny stuff Chris.

Terry Chay says that Web 2.0 has jumped the shark, as people are starting to put silly terms in their resume.

David Kellog says that Facebook is a cooler company than Google and created this handy chart that I’ve printed out and put in my wallet. Um, no offense, but how did Plaxo get that high on the list?

(Update: Plaxo has hired a good PR firm, Alicia from their company emailed me and explained to me some recent things that Plaxo has been doing with their latest release. I told her to leave a comment below with the same content, and I’ve offered to put a link to Scoble’s recent interview with them. I can’t watch ’em all ya know, I’ve got my own show to watch)

What buzz words will we start seeing on the corporate web management resume? “Web 2.0 implementation, community manager, and RSS deployment, facebook API development, soap, ajax, palmolive, I mean dove”.

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What companies are the most henious in blatently selling themselves as a Web 2.0 companies?