“Pay yourself first” and “One thing leads to another”

I often get asked “How to you publish so much content on your blog?” or “Do you ever sleep?” Here’s some of my tips that I do.

Pay yourself first

I pay myself first. What does that mean? It means before I get bogged down in email hell, and feedreader hell, I focus my priorities on the tools that will maximize my time. A blog is a broadcast tool (with community features) that let’s me communicate to many people at once. It’s the most efficient use of my time, and it saves me time. For every email you write, you’re likely to get more in in return, and that’s not efficient. I look for efficient communication tools, and a blog is right for me, (A social network may be right for you) but that’s how I pay myself first. I hope Tim Ferris sees this.

This isn’t a new concept, many financial advisers will suggest that you invest in the future (funds, roth, 401) before paying down your debt, because in the long run, you’ll survive with debt, but to retire you’ll need quite an egg in today’s modern world.

I think about my focus area Web Strategy all the time. I want to be a resource to people that are making decisions on websites, or are responsible for what happens on the site. I keep a notepad on my (moleskine) near me most of the time, and write down ideas for posts whenever I can. These often go into my drafts area on wordpress. I currently have 131 drafts that I’m working on. Some will never make it, and that’s ok with me. If you check out my blog birthday stats, I’ve done an average of three posts a day, with a return of 4 comments per post on average.

[Every morning, for about 2 hours, I pay myself first by researching, reading, and writing blog posts…before I dive into email hell]

One things leads to another

The last thing I wanted to share is that one thing leads to another. I had a great time in Singapore, I was a speaker, met a lot of people, and blogged the hell out of the event. When I got back home, I now have three invites to go overseas to speak, one thing leads to another. So remember that even the smallest thing will lead to something bigger, and it will snowball.

Overtime, paying yourself first will add up. Whether it’s on Myspace, Facebook, a Videoblog or your blog, all kinds of interesting things will happen. As it ends up, by paying myself first on my blog, it actually pays me employer, as they reap the rewards of my network, increased knowledge, and thought leadership. I’ve done some quantification on my ROI for my employer, and it’s a positive number.

So pay yourself first, and remember that one thing leads to another.