Keeping track of the Pownce Reviews

I’m going to keep track of all the reviews in this “clip report” of Pownce, it’s a competitor to Twitter and Jaiku. Let’s see how it performs, and maybe it will shape my interest level:

In Favor

Mashable: Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away
Allen Stern of Center Networks: Pownce – it’s pretty freakin’ sweet!
Rafe Needleman of CNET: First look at Pownce
Robert Scoble: Another Twitter competitor — want an invite?
Ryan Stewart of CNET: Pownce using AIR (and I’ve got invites)
Mapping the Web: Pownce Is The Next Big Thing
Kent Newsome: Pownce: Initial Thoughts and Invites to Give
Download Squad: Up close and personal with Pownce
We Break Stuff: A few thoughts on Pownce
The Buzz Bin: Review: An experience that will make you pownce


Michael Arrington of Techcrunch: Kevin Rose’s new Startup
Download Squad: Kevin Rose launches his Instant Messaging network, Pownce
Deep Jive Interests: Must … Refrain … From Ridiculing … Kevin Rose’s … Pownce — !
Mario Sundar: Twitter meets Facebook in Pownce?
Michael Arrington (part 2): Kevin vs Ev
Marc Canter: Interop of Twitter and Pownce (Good read, API is the most important thing to focus on)
Web Worker Daily: Powncing on the Twitter bird… or not
Eric Rice: Twitter gets Pwnced! while Jaiku Readies the Torpedoes
Brian Solis: Is Pownce the Twitter or Jaiku Killer? (this could also go into the “not in favor” category)
Techno Marketer: First look at Pownce

Not in Favor

Uncov, humor site: Kevin Rose: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG
Wisdump: Pownce, A Twitter Competitor? Or Just Stardom Hype?
Frantic Industries: Pownce the Twitter Killer
WinExtra: Pownce – trying hard to see the new & cool side
Tao: introducing Pownce, the new Twitter.

Observation: It’s interesting many of the titles and reviews of the product are tied to Kevin Rose’s name.

By the way, I met the sole web developer for this, Leah, we ustreamed from the Apple store, she’s pretty cool.

If you have a review, leave a link to it in the comments, or let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the invite. I’m giving a lot of mine away very rapdily, leave a comment if you want one, but there’s only 3 left.