Companies that measure or compare Online Video

I like lists, as I’m watching certain markets mature. Have you read my list of companies that measure social media? That’s more focused on blogs, social networks and text. The biggest challenge is measuring video, which is one of the greatest segments, I’ll add to this with your help, leave a comment below.

“The online video analytics authority. The Vidmeter JavaScript widget adds a useful tool to your site, showing visitors the most popular videos of the day.”

“TubeMogul is a powerful, free service that provides viewership-related analytics for those that publish and monitor online video. TubeMogul gathers intelligence across major online video sites including Metacafe, MySpace, Google Video, AOL Video, Revver, Yahoo! Video and YouTube”

Visible Measures
“Visible Measures’ VXM suite is the industry’s first comprehensive Video Experience Measurement solution. VXM enables Internet TV publishers, platforms, and advertisers to deeply measure and analyze audience engagement patterns to yield meaningful audience insights, superior customer engagement, and increased advertising ROI.”

“Brandfame is the premier marketplace connecting brands and producers sharing their videos on video-sharing websites like YouTube, metacafe, AOL Video, Revver, etc … for live product placement and sponsorship deals. ”

“MochiBot is a Flash traffic monitoring tool (similar to a hit counter) that tracks the performance of individual Flash content files (SWFs) no matter where they end up on the web. If your SWF is on 5 different servers, then MochiBot will count the number of views that SWF got for all 5 servers. It’s perfect for tracking how viral your Flash content is.”

“How many times are your videos watched each day? counts the number of times your videos are watched on Dailymotion, Sevenload, iFilm & Co.”

Aweli, Inc. was founded to help facilitate the transition of traditional, broadcast video to cutting-edge, downloadable, and freely-distributed video. Our services provide leading-edge solutions for emerging problems in the digital video market. We take great pride in our work, and strive to realize the goal that “Good enough is not good enough.”

StreamSense by NedStat

“Stream Sense™ has been developed for publishers of online streaming content. Powerful, real-time analytics report on visitor behaviour during video or audio streams whether on demand, progressive download or live and regardless of where the streams are hosted. Detailed insight is provided about how visitors interact with online video advertisements. For instance, users can determine the ideal length of an advertising message and the most profitable place for a message within a program. ”


“Streametrics develops and commercializes advanced tracking reports for editors, producers and publishers as for agencies and advertisers. We produce third party analytic reports to make you understand online video consumption and to increase your advertising revenues.”


“ViralTracker is a smart, powerful technology that is easy to use. It measures the reach and response of your viral internet commercials, movie trailers, game trailers, viral videos and widgets. ViralTracker measures millions of weblogs, forums, websites, communities, social networks and over 140 large video portals. ViralTracker measures in real-time and worldwide. ViralTracker improves the reach and response of viral campaigns with over 300%.”

Now offers their own analytics platform

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