Search meets Web Analytics at Searchnomics Conference

I was invited as media for the Searchnomics conference, a very important program for the modern web strategy. I’m going to be covering many of the Social Search topics.

Eric Peterson: Web Analytics for Search Marketers “The Hybrid Session”
I’m sitting in the back of the room where the bloggers sit, not because we’re second class citizens, but because that’s where the power is. Avinash Kaushik is here too. Beth, who’s not here, has some info if you want to know more about Eric. I video interviewed Eric, you can check it out on my previous post.

Eric gives a great high level primer for anyone that wants to understand analytics, and runs search marketing:

-Many corporations have employee managed stratgies
-Many web analysts found that the process of web analytics was difficult
-Many web analytics practitioners are considering leaving their job
-Web Analytics is not about technology, you have to manage the software, it’s not people, its’ about repeatable process
-Bounce Rate: How many users leave your sight immediately, couple this info with search terms. “Anyone who looks at your homepage and bounces out is poorly qualified”
-Conversion Rate: Ratio of completed activities to visits or visitors
-Example: Conversion by Search Engine (compare which engine is providing the best results)
-Percent New Visits: Percentage of new visitors, please note that 30% of all cookies are deleted which makes repeat users look new.
-Depth of visit: who’s going deeply into the site, who’s spending a lot of time staying engaged in your site. Also compare by depth of visit by Engine
-Time spent on site: Another proxy for user engagement, but there’s a lot of things that don’t add up correctly. It’s not as a useful as a metric.
-Campaign Cost and Value Metrics: Commonly used cost metrics are: Cost per click (CPC), Cost per acquisition (CPA), Return on Ad Spent (RAOS), Average order Value (AOV)
-Advanced Topics: Visitor Engagement: An index created from: depth of visit and session duration, recently of visit and conversion rate, lifetime visitation history, brand awareness, blog subscriptions and readership, social media interaction.
-Eric publicly teased me for making him disagree with Charlene Li on my video interview, ha.
-Searcher Behavior: Site Navigation
-Closing points: Web analytics and search analytics are not about people, they are about an ongoing process.

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