Searchnomics Conference: Video Search Optimization and Marketing

I was invited as media for the Searchnomics conference, a very important program for the modern web strategy. I’m going to be covering many of the Social Search topics. I’m sitting here next to Neil Patel, Chris Pirillo, and Dave McClure. Neil and I were talking to loud loud and Chris is so animated, Dave was showing us Spock, and some funny things happened.

LeAnn Prescott from Hitwise

Her report just went live

-Nearly all the growth in online video happens on YouTube.
-Youtube has twice the traffic as ALL the other video networks combined. says LeeAnn Prescott from HitWise. Videos are showing up more and more from Search engine results.
-20% of a traffic from search is average for YouYTube and other video sites
-5X growthin in number of search ters to video sites
-3X more search engine traffic going to video sites

Mark Yoshitake from Google/YouTube presented.

-Hundreds of millions of viewers a day
-Hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded daily
-Audiences broaden
-6 hours of vidoeo are uploaded
-Google did a deal with Apple iPhone and Apple TV
-How do users find a video? 1) recommendations (email, wom, etc) and then 2) search
-Why is community important to search? because users put in contextual information in the search terms, they also sort by network behavior (top views, top tagged, most recent)
-What is Google Video innovating to? There will be some previews of videos.
-They haven’t started video crawling
-They are crawling metacafes site map and looking at metadata
-YouTube is creating new economic opportunities.
-YouTube is working with Sanyo to find the “UCG” video that will be their main campaign
-Google is working on having paid videos to appear in search results pages
-The future of searching within video is being experimented with, they are looking for closed caption info using OCR
-Being on the homepage of YouTube gets more traffic

Lessons Learned
-Video search is huge
-Content opimzaiotn and community is key
-Content as commercials
-Create video sitesmpas to get indexed to Google Video


-37% of all traffic comes from Google
-They are doing ongoing search optimization

Chris Pirillo got up to the mic, saying that “if your clients have a hard time getting users to watch the content, then you have bigger problem than ”

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