Searchnomics Conference: Social Networking User Generated Content and Search

Panel was moderated by Jeremy Crane from, he had a preso, but I came in late.

Red Bricks Media, Elliot Easterling

User content and Search Web 2.0
-There are two things people are looking for in Web 2.0: 1) Information 2) Community
-Case Study of Eric a Yahoo dessenter
-Trust is a factor, users trust other users above all else

The Downside of UGC (I hate that term)
-Blog Spam and Social network noise is a mess
-Disney does not want to have anything to do with UGC
-Bloggers can smear brands
-Risk of being “off-brand”

How to Leverage Social Media, Neil Patel
Neil is a SEO, SMO, and Internet Marketer, he’s also a pretty cool guy, and supports some of the top A-list bloggers

-Fab Four: Reddit, Delcioius, Digg, Netscape. Can drive thousands of users and links
-Get to know your audience
-Some stories got 4525 Diggs
-Imporant Factors: Number of Votes, Time, Voters, Submitter, Friends
-What not to do: Self promotion, add biased information, paying for votes, break community rules, SPAM

What to do: Add tons of friends, participate in the community, user great titles and descriptions, become a top user, submit during the right time


There will be other sites for baby boomers called “eons”.
Consider diversifying your web strategy, don’t put all efforts into one area
There’s rumors that the virtual gifts on Facebook are making the creators a lot of money
How to sell this internally?
Second Life: Try not to build a real world store, be a more creative.

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