List of companies that provide Behavioral Recommendations and Social Recommendations Web Services

Do you have an ecommerce site or a site where the website (or users) recommend different items or content to each other? If you’ve been building it out on your own you know how difficult it was. Back in Web 1.0 NetPerceptions was the top dog, but they’re no longer around (Amazon was a big client of theirs)

David Marks the co-founder and CEO of Loomia has been chatting with me and has told me all the people in his space, I really appreciate him being so open to talk about his competitors, true community marketing. I was able to see a demo of Criteo yesterday.

One of the inversions his market has is that after showing an increase in sales, is that it’s a pay-for-performance, whereas in earlier times it was pay in advance.

Here’s a list of companies that provide Behavioral Recommendations and Social Recommendations Web Services

“Loomia is an emerging leader in the recommendations and personalization space, a rapidly growing area within Internet search. Loomia Recommendations is a hosted web service that provides all sizes of retail and media sites with easy-to-use recommendations solutions to help site visitors find things they like, increase site activity, and improve merchandising. Loomia’s service can be used for all retail goods including shoes, wine, fashion, and electronics and any type of media item including audio, video, books, music, and ringtones.”

Aggregate Knowledge
“Aggregate Knowledge introduces its Discovery Services for Retail and Media. Discovery moves beyond Internet search by harnessing the collective power of web users to guide one another toward the items they will find both relevant and compelling.”

“Presenting the right content to the right user. We provide 11 million highly targeted real-time personalized recommendations to more than 3,000 websites every day”
“Baynote Content Guidance is an on-demand Web 2.0 service that dynamically displays Product and Content Recommendations on business websites, while improving the effectiveness of on-site search through Social Search.”
“ promotes the use of business-ready open source search. There are three Open Source Search offerings to choose from. Pick the package that’s right for you.”

Choice Stream
“ChoiceStream gives you the power to deliver uniquely personal experiences to every consumer. With ChoiceStream, you create the ‘service that knows me’ to build loyalty, drive sales, and get the results you need to stay ahead.”


“Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. Without having to do anything differently than you normally do, Me.dium shows you your online world and allows you to communicate with friends and others in a natural, contextual manner. It lets you see what else is around you and relevant based on what you’re doing – all in REAL TIME. Just like the way you interact in the real world.”

“Collarity quickly and easily integrates with your website to provide automated search and content suggestions, based on the natural communities-of-interest of your audience.”

“Sourcelight’s Discovery Guide for Movies provides true, one-to-one personalization and has been very well received by our customers. The Sourcelight technology is easy to implement and the implementation team is a pleasure to work with. We continue to be impressed with Sourcelight’s understanding of our business and their contribution to our success.”

Clicksurge by MediaRiver
“The ClickSurge Platform enables Web publishers to guide Internet users to the publishers’ online content in a discovery-based contextual model; allowing content of any type, including video, music, pictures or text, to be linked onto any web page dynamically based on the unique properties of that web page. Widgets built on the platform quickly scan the contents of a web page, and search for related content, placing links to that content onto web pages at a publisher’s website, at a partner’s website or on any Internet page, including user-generated content sites such as blogs and social networks.”

“Minekey’s content discovery service helps online publishers, marketers and retailers to maximize their revenue and improve user experience by serving the most relevant information to their target audience. The service enables large media companies to distribute content by means of the Minekey Recommendations Widget, directly to customers on potentially unlimited number of blogs, websites and portals. Bloggers and other website hosts use the Widget to present the most relevant content for each online user, based on what they are currently reading or have read before.”

Roll Sense
Recommend articles to your readers, related to what they read in your blog, from the sources YOU trust

Fresh Notes
FreshNotes’ easy to implement patent-pending associative search system identifies entities on your webpages and extracts the relationships of these entities based on your site content. We then use this mapping of relationships to identify the content on your site that most relates to each webpage. The benefits are content recommendations that are much richer and more relevant than simple keyword matches. More important to our customers, it is easy to integrate with any site.

Agent Arts
AgentArts provides recommendation, personalization and community products and services to help consumers navigate large volumes of entertainment choice.


This Hong Kong website provides networked based recommendations.

“MyBuys builds deep behavioral profiles on each and every consumer. These profiles allow MyBuys to deliver the highest converting recommendations – resulting in revenues 300% greater per interaction than traditional approaches. By reaching consumers on a retailer’s web site, through email, and in RSS feeds, clients realize more repeat visits, increased conversion rates and larger order sizes.”

“inSuggest is a recommendation engine which helps the user to explore content, based on opinions from like-minded people. As an initial step,
the technology is applied on Flickr images. The user select a couple of images and instantly get more of something he/she probably like.”