Corporations are Media Companies

One of the most brilliant things I’ve heard at the countless conferences, workshops and events I’ve been attending is from Dan Scheinman of Cisco during his Keynote –he really impressed me. Jeremy Pepper took some detailed notes.

Dan rightfully suggested that in response to the explosion of social media by consumers that corporations are now becoming content producers –to respond, answer, and converse with the marketplace.

How is this different than before? While the press release, shiny collateral, and the occasional webinar are certainly media and communication forms, employees will now be creating extensive content from easy to use tools. (and from the edges of the company).

The corporate newsroom on the website (which is a form of evolution) will produce videos, podcasts, and text in near-real time, as well as aggregate content from it’s community. The sophisticated corporations will understand that to truly be relevant is to let customers help create the media on the corporate website.