Why your Web Analytics in China and India may never be accurate

(I’ve updated this post title and content below based upon comments, trying to be accurate)

My colleague Kamla Bhatt, who’s interviewing some of the top technology leaders in India suggests that web analytics in China, Japan, India and the rest of Asia are never quite accurate.

Why? Because accessing the web in those cultures may be a community event, one person may access a website and invite others over to view, read, and check out content together as a collective.

At any given time, a single instances from analytics in Asia may or may not be accurate as more than one person could be accessing a browser.

Are you in Asia? Is this true? let me know. Us westerners (or at least in my experience) have one person per computer.

Update: This report from Cynthia Yu of China (see comments) is helpful to show internet adoption in China.