Web-strategist.com to be translated to Hebrew

I just received an interesting email from a new friend, he runs a website called. I had dinner with good friend Shel Israel, who I shared with, we were pleased as his book Naked Conversations was converted to Chinese (my heritage) and some of my posts are being converted to Hebrew, the language of the Jewish culture. They will appear on both TheMarker and in a supplement in the Haaretz daily.

Not sure if I ever told you, but my family is very diverse, I’ve half Jewish, African American, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, and many other cultures mixed in with our Chinese blood, all connected to the Owyang surname. That’s what happens when your family is here for 5 generations in the world’s largest melting pot. We truly are in a Global Neighborhood.

I look forward some day when text will automatically be converted to different languages by applications. It’s possible that it could learn phrases, and be able to ‘learn’ the context and meaning.

Update: Here’s the first shots I’ve seen, its on the homepage, and here’s a specific article. I’ve put some screenshots below if you can’t see it for whatever reason.