Concept: Holistic Measurement with LifeStream, AudientStream, and AttentionStream

We all know that measurement is such a challenge in the web and media industry, (although Elias suggests we first need a purpose) that’s why I’m paying attention to new methods to measure.

Check out this is a fascinating concept written by Chris Saad, called “Life after pageviews: Proposing AudientStream and AttentStream“.

What’s a LifeStream? it’s a single recorded file or document set that can track one individual’s attention across all time and mediaspheres.

On a parallel note, the AudientStream is really a ‘crush’ stream, it’s a way to tell who’s watching and paying attention to who. the AttentionStream does the opposite, you can track who you’re paying attention to.

This is just a concept at this point, but it would be very interesting if it became a reality, I can see all kinds of challenges with adoption, privacy, and other data concerns.