Trends: Social Networking becomes a site feature, updating the List of White Label Social Networking sites

Social Networking to be a standard site feature
Movable Type is one of the common platforms we saw in business blogging in 2006, with this announcement, it brings new functionality to community websites, something every corporation should start looking at. I’m pleased to read from Richard MacManus about the latest version of Movable Type is to have social networking features and APIs to build as a platform (a trend we see from Google and Facebook).

The list grows past 50 competitors

This qualifies Movable Type in the “List of “White Label” (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms” which I’ve been keeping, there are over 50 (I started with less than 10 on the initial list) and it continues to grow. Om Malik was probably right in suggesting that Social Networking is just a feature in a website.

Trend spotting: Communities are writing your website
It’s all for the better, the more interaction that websites have with their community, and the more relevant voices the better in my opinion. Websites that let customers voice their opinion on their site stay relevant, those that don’t grow irrelevant. They’re not the only ones, I’m seeing a new hybrid type of tool emerge, if you’re seeking solutions to have a cooperatively built website, check out PublicSquare.

Industry Challenges Remain
How many login systems do we have, where is user data, with all these interdependent systems what happens when one goes down, and of course, what’s going to be the differentiating factor for websites?