Panel: Social Media Measurement (Jen McClure, Katie Paine, Adam Brown, Jeremiah Owyang)

I had a great time speaking at the New Media Summit at the Techcenter hosted by Cisco and Best Practices in Corporate Communications. Social Media Measurement is my second favorite topic (the first being Corporations and Social Media) so this was a real treat.

Here’s the panel details:

Measuring the ROI of Social Media
Moderator: Jen McClure, Executive Director, Society for New Communications Research,


  • Katie Paine, President & CEO, KDPaine & Partners, LLC, Katie Paine’s PR Measurement Blog
  • Adam Brown, Director of Digital Communications, The Coca-Cola Company, Watch Adam’s interview at Ketchum
  • Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,, Web Strategy Blog
  • I’m noticing a trend among Social Media Measurement that is parrell with Web Analytics Measurement. I’ve interviewed Avinash, Jim Sterne, and Eric Peterson. They almost all say to define your goals first, measurement process will vary, and there’s more tools and data than we know what to do with (social media or web analytics).

    The Ustream archive is available here: (if you’re not familiar with Ustream, I had a small camera setup on my laptop and was live video streaming in real time via the web on my wireless 3G card)