Web Strategy Reading, A Roundup, June 4, 2007

Here’s a few links I’ve been reading or collecting over the past two weeks, you can see all archives by clicking on the “reading sampler” category, here’s some selected reads:

  • Emoticons are important? they are for Meebo users
  • Map wars: Google Maps Walkthrough vs Microsofts Maps Live Both of these launched within hours of each other, which one do I prefer? Probably the Google maps as you can walkthrough a 3D environment.
  • Pictures of the Google Maps street team What’s with the shovels?
  • See this list of top 15 streetmaps according to mashable
  • PDF Report: Responding to crisis using social media Updating the “Dell Hell” case study- are Dell turning opinion round?
  • Did Google caused the death of Journalism? Maybe the internet?
  • Media Mashup: World of Warcraft Mashup emulates famous dancing moves (Funny)
  • Web Design ideology: Building a website grid
  • Music Industry is under fire from the Internet (Multiple viewpoints on Techmeme, be sure to expand all discussions in the preferences)
  • Facebook to launch a featured that let’s you poll the community
  • Photoshop tips: how to make your images look “film like”