Zooomr Mark III goes live: The challenges and triumphs of a bootstrap startup (screenshots)

If you don’t know what’s been going on, Zooomr has been down for several days as when they tried to upgrade to this latest version they last data from a hardware failure (as I understand it). They’ve had some help from some friends, but it was certainly not a case study of successful launch by any means. I introduced CEO and Founder Kris and Thomas to the Ustream gang (a company I advise) and they’ve been using it as a crisis management tool over the past few days. They’ve kept in complete communication with their audience, community, and users by live video streaming their thoughts, challenges, and even pure exhaustion on camera.

I’ve noticed from their blog that they’ve launched just a few hours ago. I logged in and cruised around. While some of the features certainly look unique, there are some glaring post-jitters that need to be corrected. I’m sure they’re just happy to get the site up, and will fix the bugs over the next few days. (one of the most glaring bugs is that I couldn’t upload photos).

So while the site may not be ready for you to login and cruise about, I’ve taken some screen shots so you can check out the new features set:

Zipline: This is a presence feature, must like Twitter
Discover: There’s quite a few pictures to explore, and “discover” interesting sorting tools
Page View: Pretty standard photo metadata, however a few tag hyperlinks to other content areas outside of zooomr
Map Mashup: This is neat, I remember talking to Kris about this about a year ago.

Maybe in the future, small, iterative releases may make more sense for Zooomr in the future, along with best practices in disaster prevention. No real criticisms here, as Zooomr’s primary engineer and founder is not even 21, we should all be in awe of what he’s accomplished in such a short period of time on a shoe string budget –these guys are real entrepreneurs.

Congrats to Kris and Thomas of Zooomr.

Update: Read the comparison of flickr vs zooomr buy mashable

Screenshots from the release (just a few hours ago)