Updated the list of Companies that measure Social Media

I see that Keibi has raised 6 million in funding. Apparently, they’re a company that measures social media by:

“web semantic and recognition engines will provide user generated content categorization that can be used for content discovery, community moderation, and brand protection.”

I hope someone from Keibi contacts me, I’m curious to see how they’re different than this list of companies that are measuring social media, they’re site is pretty bare, which perks my interest even more. Heck, if it’s interesting enough, they may get on the show! I just added them to the list.

Measuring Social Media is not like measuring attributes in the traditional web (like server activity only) you now have to measure opinion, interaction, attention, action, and it can be measured differently depending on the task. I’ll be speaking on a panel about Social Media Measurement at the New Media Summit this coming Tuesday. I’ll probably ustream it live. (live video)