Zooomr Support by Sun and Zoho

I’m really glad to see that the Zooomr guys are getting their site (which has been offline for more than a week) back in order. Their site went down as they tried to launch the third release of their product, sadly, this is a disaster. They lost data and there have been some hardware issues. I know that there were some issues with funding of Zooomr, and I can see where additional resources are critical in keeping a website alive, funding is critical for a rainy day (and when it rains it pours).

I’m really impressed with Sun, (they love startups) a big ol’ behemoth enterprise company has provided data storage hardware to Kris and Thomas, and Zoho is helping out from their data center. (If I were still in my previous role as community manager at a data storage company, I would have tried to help too) We should applaud both those companies for helping out. Scoble has the story.

Kris and Thomas are doing all that they can to keep the lines of communication open, they are ustreaming live, blogging, and leaving comments (even Zoli is watching). Good luck you guys, call me if you need anything. Keep an eye on their blog, which shows they are getting close to completion. I hope this saga ends on a good note.