Announcement: Why I’m excited about Ustream!

Every once in a while, I get really interested in a company and it’s employees and want to help out more. Starting last week, I’m now an advisor for, live video streaming. As you know, I lit the match right before Web 2.0 which ignited Ustreaming as one of the premiere providers of this service.

I really see real-time video being a huge disruption to media, and it’s a real addition to video blogging, blogging, and social networking.

[I believe in this company and I’ve accepted the role as advisor to Ustream.TV]

As an advisor, this means I give them advice, connect them with the right people, and keep an eye out for opportunities they can benefit from.

This post is about full disclosure and transparency, whenever I mention them again, I’ll always disclose my relationships, and make sure there’s no conflict of interest, and even ran it by management at the day job (I updated my profile page to reflect this as well). Thanks acting CEO Chris Yeh for pulling me close to the team.

Ustream has changes however, there’s already many players emerging (see list) and I think there will be 40-50 by the end of the year.

If you get the chance, check out some of the live channels of video streaming at Ustream, I watched a live yoga show, cooking show, Kris Tate and Thomas Hawk launch zooomr, the technology evangelist, and of course, Chris Pirillo’s live show.

Other Community Thoughts:

  • Shel Israel has some detailed analysis “Like microwave popcorn” on his views about live video streaming and how Ustream will be involved.
  • Thomas Hawk raves about Ustream as well: “UStream is poised to become the first company to finally make long tail live television a reality.” As you know, he’s been using it over the last week as community communication as they roll out their next version of Zooomr.