Witnessing an Internet Flash Mob: Zombie Attack in SF (100s of pics and 3 videos)

An internet flash mob is an event that is organized in advance (primiarly using web tools) of people gathering at one specififc time and place for a very outrageous or unepxted event, it’s often a spectacle for others to witness. Cnet, and engadget have reports.

I witnessed San Francisco be terrorized by zombies this Friday afternoon. The rules? A few zombies would attack victims (anyone who put duct tape on themselves was a willing volunteer) gently drag them to the ground and douse them with fake blood. Learn more at Eat Brains.

It was a baptism of sorts, as the newly deceased would arise, groan, and move down the street to find other victims.

You can see videos below of zombies finding street bands, and doing the zombie mash, invading stores (Where they had to leave if told by management) and go down to bart. Terry, Kit, and Shirley were with me, and we saw Jeff McManus of Approver.com

Funniest moments? Two ladies with expensive clothes, manicured nails, and perfect tans in front of Bloomingdales asked me: “Who is it? What’s going on? Is it Britney Spears?” They could only see the cameras, and not the zombies (who had all cascaded down into the catacombs called Bart), “No, it’s a zombie parade”. They didn’t believe me.

And yes, there was a REAL WEDDING, at union square, see pictures below.

As if the chaos wasn’t enough, Critical Mass, (also a form of a flash mob) the anti-car bike rally also was taking over the streets in the city.

What’s interesting about these Internet Flash Mobs is that they then echo online from pictures, videos, and blogs. Here’s a list of some other interesting flash mobs happening.

Above: Zombie Flash Mob and Critical Mass at once, only in SF.

Above: Dancing Zombies. Yup, they’re yelling “Brains”

Above: Zombie Attack, baptism of blood and “Arrrrgh”

Picture 1013I heart my undead childPicture 1008Picture 1009Zombie WeddingFoaming ZombieDont trust the livingHousewife ZombiePicture 909Zombie SoldierZombie GirlPicture 1022zombie reachZombie crowd surfingzombies head down to bartZombie Rights Now!