20 reasons why PR doesn’t work

I work with PR firms, have a lot of friends in the PR industry, and have spoken at PR conferences. By no means is this a PR bash, but rather a springboard to become more relevant. I’m sure many will agree and disagree.

Reasons #1-10: Marketing guru Guy Kawasaki rips into the top 10 reasons why PR doesn’t work. He primarily suggests that there’s a mis-match in client vendor relationships, and lack of understanding or communication. In some cases he suggests that the client is at fault as much as the agency or firm.

Reasons #11-16: The Master of 500 hats Dave McClure goes on a rave/rant on why PR folks don’t get it –another 6 reasons. While I’ve spoken at PR conferences, I’ve never had formal training it, don’t speak the same language, I find it odd that Dave says I’m in PR.

Here’s a few more from me:

#17 Diaglogue vs Monologue is not fully understood
I believe that markets are two way conversations, not message throwing. As dialogue happens, communities form, and trust (or dis-trust) forms.

#18 Marketing is about storytelling, not raw facts on the Press Release
While certainly related to the above, marketing (and communications) is not just facts, (the when, what, and where) to telling a story, engaging the community and being ‘human’.

#19 Including the community in the event and message
On countless events that I’ve been to, PR firms have forgotten to welcome or invite influentials that will help ‘dialogue’ or ‘storytell’ the event using social media. While it often makes sense to invite the mainstream press and media, don’t forget that customers are now playing the role of media, as well as analytst. I got beat up pretty bad when I asked the question: “Who should you trust more, a paid analyst or a customer blogger”

#20 Lack of Awareness: More than one group in the company does Public Relations
PR is no longer limited to the PR firm or corporate communications. There are countless groups and individuals that will communiate, with the marketplace. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s important to understand Brian Oberkirch’s Edgeworks concept.

Carry this forward, add your own from your own blog and link here. I can’t wait to hear what Shel has to say.