Dell listens to community and honors request

I’m very impressed with the folks at Dell, they’ve learned to listen to the community (that uses the web to communicate) and built tools to help understand their needs (like IdeaStorm and the Direct to Dell blog) and have just announced that they will be offering Ubutu, (buddy Lionel is on video) a flavor of Linux as a core offering.

To me, this seems very disruptive, not just to the traditional product management cycle and mainstream marketing, but to their partners as well. I remember seeing the Microsoft logo prominently displayed on the Dell website and community sites, and now they are being bypassed, as requested by the customers.

Times are changing, companies that recognize that the customers are (or were always) in charge can stand to course correct and evolve.

There’s tons of discussion on Techmeme, the popular discssion site, and as you know, I’m keeping track of the Dell Saga: From Dell hell to Dell Swell.