Facebook: I signed up, and they’re hiring

I stopped by at Facebook today, and old friend of mine Kunal Malik (I used to work for him at Exodus Communications) has recently been hired to be one of the top dogs in the IT department. He told me that they’re hiring Web Developers, folks that have experience with Lamp, or DBAs, see the many jobs open here. If you email me your resume, I’ll forward it on to them.

Also, a few people have emailed me requests to join Facebook (Mario Sundar and Christopher Salazar) so I signed up today if you want to add me as a contact, use my email on the right column of my blog. I’ll give it a shot for one week, but I already don’t like the emails that I get for everytime someone leaves something on my wall. I know I can turn it off, but I’m just going to keep the default settings for a week and see if I can benefit from this tool.

I don’t really see the need for a social network for my use, as I already have one, an “Open” social network –my blog. No one needs to register, sign up, leave a picture to access it or to leave a comment. Also, my blog brings me revenue (and my employer) and is great during an interview process, whereas I’m not sure how Facebook could be taken as seriously. I’ll give it a shot anyways.

Just because the tool may not be for me, doesn’t mean it’s not a great company, as I understand it, their expanding fast, the headcount is going to grow considerably. No surprise, as their traffic (and engagement and interaction) is pretty amazing. I was impressed by all the street art that decorated the stairwells, (I found some flickr photos from various folks) the DJ turntable and multiple gaming meeting rooms, a fun place to work I’m sure.

Also, Mike Basten came to visit me at PodTech today, he was one of the founders of MyKin.com. He’s in town interviewing a very large web company that you probably use every day, if you’ve openings at your work for sales, media, or marketing, he’s a young guy that has a lot of potential, his profile is here.