Web Strategy Reading, A Roundup

Amazon has a lot of social features, just in case you didn’t know.
Brian thinks that Amazon should get more attention, it’s really a social network that just happens to sell stuff.

Trademark alert: AOL Copies Yahoo Homepage
Details from uber designer Hollyster. My guess? AOL Design team is being pushed around by the marketers at AOL.

Neat Visualization of how Online Communities
Pretty funny, would it be hard to imagine that during one’s growth from college to professional life they would migrate to different islands?

Podcasts Metrics

I see a lot of different stats, some that agree and disagree. I certainly agree that mobile consumption of media is increasing and will continue to grow. Waiting for the next generation of car stereos to download media from your home’s wireless network during the night.

It’s official, MySpace is good for Marketers
Our friends at PaidContent show how marketers that use MySpace benefit. The challenge? As we saturate this network with ads and what not, users will leave to the next big thing.

Barbie has Web Strategy
Nope, I wasn’t the Web Strategist assigned to this interesting project, but Barbie and her friends have an online network. A sign of the times.

How to translate a press release

This is helpful, I’ve received meaningless internal letters at previous employers, as well screen out press releases. This will help you to stay relevant.

Notes to Self:

I don’t use Delicious, but prefer to gather links as I read them and add them to a post over the weeks. I like how I can add more thoughts, notes, and can quickly retrieve them from these blog posts tagged “reading sampler”. Also, I’m using my feedreader less and less, primarily because I’m using Twitter to follow the conversation.