What I don’t like about Local News

Our newest client Topix has asked PodTech to put together a profesional video surveying folks in the community to find out “What’s wrong with local news” This short documentary hosted by my colleague Rio Pessino asks Rafe Needleman from CNET’s Webware, Adriana G (have you seen her photo shoot? wow!), KQED’s Raul Ramirez, Hooman from Alice 97.3 who recently ripped into Scoble pretty dang good, new buddy Johnny Ham of Ustream, Sarah Meyers, Craig Newmark of Craig’s list, as well as other SF locals.

The Topix crew got together to ask folks what’s wrong with Local News, well here’s my answers:

1) Lack of aggregation of all photos, blogs, images, in my local area
2) I don’t only want the stories from journalists, but I want the opinions of people in the community (without a filter)
3) Traffic, Crime are not the only things that are worthy to me, there’s other things I want to know about.

After spending some time with Topix folks, I learned that if you type in your city name and news (Palo Alto News) Topix will come up above the fold in a Google search, try it with your city. They’re aggregating content to build something new, I hope they take some of my ideas into consideration.

Oh yeah, we’ve made some improvements to our Video player, what do you think? There’s a widescreen version, and you can share and some other features.