Having fun with Photography, caption this silly photo of me

Recently, some colleagues of mine told me my blog is so very “Corporate” and “Strategic”, that’s a nice way of saying I’m boring.

For those that have gotten to know me, I’m not that serious in real life. I’m going to let you peer at it just a bit today. At CES in Vegas, Thomas Hawk, Kris Tate and I went around the city taking photos. We were already delirious from the fun of BlogHaus, and Thomas was on a mission to take 1000 photos and publish them. During one time, we were hanging out on the people movers and I decided to make a bolt for it, I don’t know why, but I just wanted to run on them, a voice told me “Run Jeremiah, Run!, Run like you’ve never Run before”, I did.

Last week, I invited friends on my Twitter network to caption this photo, I now extend this to you. . It’s been viewed 293 times and favorited by four. I look forward to your captions on the photo. That’s me, Thomas Hawk’s friend, Running. Enjoy!