Dear Oracle Bloggers, host a Lunch 2.0

Oracle Bloggers, I know you’re frustrated in not getting the respect you deserve, here’s an idea, I’m helping out with the Lunch 2.0 community, it’s a community event that different companies host in the web and tech space. There’s been a ton of companies that have hosted this event, upcoming ones will includes LinkedIn, a networking company, and I even hosted one last year for HDS.

Email me (on right nav) if you want details, I’ll help you get it done right, heck maybe PodTech can help you record the event on video, either way time to reach out to the community, meet other bloggers, make contacts and show your human side both on the blogosphere and in person.

Maybe Robert (my colleague) will have time to show up too. My title is “Director of Corporate Media Strategy”, it’s my job to help corporations with social media, I’m reaching here to you.

Update: One Oracle blogger doesn’t think this is such a good idea. Maybe you could swing by his blog and leave a comment. Be sure to read my comment, if you don’t agree, but sure to let me know. This conversation continues to grow, as Dennis Howlett is a guest blogger from Zdnet blogs.