If the Blog is the new resume then the “Google Me” is the business card?

Josh observes that Blogs are the new resume. Of course only a fraction of internet users blog, let’s not forget however that the next generation of workers are using Social Networks (From MySpace, Facebook, as well as uploading their own videos) so this is a trend that is not likely to go away.

I know several people that have gotten jobs primarily because of their blog, it had a lot to do with me getting my job too (read the comments from my CEO). Employers can see what someone is like, how they think, how the write, but more importantly what others think about them by checking out trackbacks and how people deal with disagreements, comments, etc.

So if the blog is the resume, then Jim Turner’s analogy that folks are not handing out business cards as much because they tell folks to “Google my name“.

If you Google Jeremiah, I come out fourth (sometimes higher, sometimes lower), I get beat out by the Wikipedia page, and that failed TV show with Luke Perry. To prove it’s not an ego thing, I find it more valuable that I come up first on terms like “Social Media Measurement“, “Customer Reference Media“, and of course, “Web Strategy


  • As usual, Adam does a great job with this analytical post summarizing this meme.
  • Ken Kaplan discusses the Video Resume as another option to consider.