Streaming Live from Day 2, 3, + 4 at Web2.0 Expo

I’m streaming live again, you can watch live in the embedded player below, or join the session and the chat room, I interact and field your questions. We had 30-50 people chatting yesterday in the room, it was pretty entertaining layer of additional discussion.

Particls has a list of other streamers, be sure to check out their site.

I’m making announcements from Twitter, you can add me from my Twitter account Jowyang.

What are you watching?

9am-10am: Blogs, Chat Rooms, Wikis, Oh My! The Yellow Brick Road to Online Market Intelligence
10-12pm: Tara Hunt’s Community Roundtable
5PM: Meeting with Scott Hirsch, and others to prepare for our panel tomorrow
6PM: Party at the St. Regis

Update: Gregg put my feed in Widescreen, Thanks Greg

Tuesday Update:
I’ll be streaming the conference live again today, rather than me create new posts, I’ll just leave this one up, as the embedded player will work for all 4 days. I’ll be streaming live while on stage at 2pm PST on a panel.

Ill be streaming the conference and halls again. Be sure to go into the chat room, where you can interact with me and others. I respond to people in the Chat room, ask your questions to whoever’s on the show, all in real-time. YOU are part of this show as much as I am. Holly has provided a review, and summarizes exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

I will be speaking at 4pm, and will stream. Scoble, Pirillo will be streaming live with me on stage, and I’m sure Thomas Hawk will be taking pictures.