Live Streaming at Web 2.0 Expo (Does this Help or Hurt Conferences?)

The modern Boyscout
Mario Sundar took a picture of me Live Streaming the Conference (pic via Mario Sundar)

The modern Boyscout
5 Foot tripod and 2 inch camera (pic via Mario Sundar)

I asked in the chat room during the live stream if hurt or helped Tim O’Reilly by me streaming the conference. For a lot of folks, paying $1500 is certainly expensive to attend (I think that’s the cost, I’m not sure) when you add in airfare and hotel and other travel bills, going to conferences can sure add up.

There were 30-50 people that were on the live cast at any given time, and I’m sure it will be more tommorow. Folks recorded it and put it on Google Video in near-real time, so the event was casted live. For those folks that were not able to attend, did this help or hurt the conference organizers?

I say help, the buzz and reach that the speakers and sessions got from this live streaming helped to carry it farther.

If anyone thinks it hurts, it sure is disruptive, because the whole setup is about 200 bucks (100 for camera, 100 for Wireless 3G card, but future laptops will have these built right in.